It’s officially Spring! We must confess, our Matchmakers have a little thing for the Spring season. The warm breeze brushing against singles faces on a patio during a first date, kissing the life back into their souls and filling hearts with love and hope! Ah yes. It is naturally the ideal season to be dating!

It’s Spring! Yes, Spring fever is in the air and singles from coast-to-coast have shared with our Matchmakers that they are focusing on finding their match this season, and more specifically they are going to make it happen by filling their date cards! Now that we’ve all sprung forward to daylight savings time, it’s time to think about all that the season has to offer! Sunset dates, more outdoor activities, and changing up your wardrobe in a fun, lighter way will help make a great first date impression!

It’s Spring! Which means, singles, it’s time to seize the day! Expand your search this season and be open to new doors of opportunities. Reflect on what you are currently doing; are you limiting yourself by searching for a narrow age range or characteristics? Take the time to rethink what’s been working for you and what hasn’t, and if you’re not already, consider working with a First Date Expert to help find personal clarity.

It’s Spring! And a key to Spring dating is planning second dates. There’s no need to debate who should make the first move; in today’s world if you’re interested in getting to know one another better, talk about meeting up again in the moment. Even if you are a bit shy or uncertain, asking directly for their phone number or sharing yours with them leaves an open opportunity to have that conversation when you’re ready and more comfortable. Chances are they’re feeling the same way and may even contact you if you had a great time together and they’re interested as well. The only way to get that second date on your calendar is to take action, big or small.

It’s Spring! The sunshine, with its energy boosting Vitamin D, certainly enhances your mood and makes you feel happier and more confident. Use nature’s energy as a boost to your dating. Think about it, when you are in a better mood, you are automatically going to become more attractive. We’re all instinctively wired to feel attracted to people who are happy. They captivate us, suck us in, and make us feel better about ourselves too. Most people underestimate how important our moods are and how it can affect singles around them so get out in the sun whenever you can and…smile!

It’s Spring. Time to plan your next date and enjoy all it has to offer!

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